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triple j vs the Brisbane Music Scene Part 2

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If you count Washington as a Brisbane act, triple j had 101 Feature Albums between appearances by Brisbane artists. Those 101 Feature Albums were made up of 61 albums by overseas acts and 40 by Australian acts, with the breakdown as follows:

Place of Origin Number of Featured Album
Melbourne 11
Sydney 15
Perth 6
Adelaide 4
Blue Mountains 1
Gold Coast 1
Fremantle 1
Albury 1
Overseas 61

If you classify Washington as a Melbourne act that number increases to 113 Feature Albums between the Grates’ Hearts Won, Teeth Lost and Hungry Kids Of Hungary’s Escapades, 47 featured albums from Australian acts and 66 from overseas acts.

Place of Origin Number of Featured Album
Melbourne 14
Sydney 17
Perth 7
Adelaide 4
Blue Mountains 1
Gold Coast 1
Fremantle 1
Albury 1
Overseas 66

Since the John Steel Singers were triple j’s Feature Album in the week of 31 October 2010, there have been 28 Feature Albums, 17 from overseas acts, 11 from Australian acts. Of course those 11 don’t include anything from Brisbane, with five albums from Melbourne, three from Sydney, two from Perth and one from Townsville.

Looking at the list of Brisbane’s f15 Feature Albums over the last eight years makes for fairly depressing reading. If you’ve not got a connection to Universal, the world’s biggest major label record company, or you’re not Resin Dogs, your chances of coming from Brisbane and getting a triple j featured album are fairly slim. It’s incredible to look at the list and see Aampirellas had a featured album back in 2003. Seems very unlikely that a band like them would get the attention of triple j these days.

Act Album Date of Featured Album
Powderfinger Vulture Street 4/07/2003
Resin Dogs Hi Fidelity Dirt 25/09/2003
Aampirellas Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory 21/11/2003
Butterfingers Breakfast at Fatboys 30/04/2004
Regurgitator Mish Mash 12/11/2004
Bernard Fanning Tea & Sympathy 21/10/2005
The Grates Gravity Won’t Get You High 7/04/2006
The Butterfly Effect Imago 9/06/2006
Darren Hanlon* Fingertips & Mountaintops 24/11/2006
Powderfinger Dream Days at the Hotel Existence 25/05/2007
Resin Dogs More 31/12/2007
The Grates Teeth Lost, Hearts Won 28/07/2008
Washington** I Believe You Liar 8/07/2010
Hungry Kids Of Hungary Escapades 3/10/2010
John Steel Singers Tangalooma 31/10/2010

* I’ve included Darren Hanlon in the list although I don’t think he’s strictly a Brisbane act. He’s from Gympie but think that he might actually be based out of Sydney.

** The list also includes Washington.

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