Everett True

The return of Everett True | 14. High Tension

The return of Everett True | 14. High Tension
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Just some good old-fashioned low down and dirty parochial punk rock from Melbourne.

I fuckin’ love it. (“Proper Music Journalism(TM)” © Everett True 2014).

Imagine, all the fun I’d fuckin’ have if I ever left the fuckin’ house again.

It probably increases your enjoyment if you’re familiar with the area but… well, fuck damn. You can extrapolate, surely? This is as fuckin’ good as anything you fuckin’ reckon is fuckin’ good, punk.

As they sing, “Living the loife/Living the dream/Oh yeahhhhhh”.

This one’s fuckin’ awesome too (“Proper Music Journalism(TM)” © Everett True 2014) – and surprisingly different (yet similar) to the above.

As is this.

Bonus points for the Huggy Bear T-shirt, of course.

You can tell I’m a proper music journalist cos I drop my apostrophes.

The photograph above is nicked from the band’s Facebook page. Tell me where it’s from and I’ll give it a proper credit, or take it down, or dance the watusi or whatever the fuck you want me to do.

As ever, drawn from the source.

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