The Collapse Board interview – Fire Witch

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Fire Witch’s record, Liars, sat on my coffee table for a month before I bothered to listen to it. Its craft-paper and notebook margin-like doodlings didn’t scream LOUD or DRONING IRRESISTABLE METAL like I’m used to seeing. There were no over-the-top album illustrations of packs of flaming wildebeests or mythical succubi tempting with their forbidden fruits. But when I did listen — to Liars and their 10-inch record released with tiny American label, Wantage USA — it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Fire Witch stood out to me not in what it boasted, but in the atmospheres and spaces it created. Granted, those were sludgey and grimy as hell — but those are the kinds of spaces I like.

But, perhaps as intriguing as the sounds they created, I was even more intrigued to find out who Fire Witch was. And I couldn’t find shit. I finally tracked them down last week. The powers of the Internet: the first guy I could find with contact information for Jem, Fire Witch’s drummer, lives no less than 13,000 miles away from him.

Over a series of emails, I traded questions with Jem about what it means to be a stoner rock band today in Australia, how American culture fucks with Australian perceptions of culture and how we’re both sick as shit of post-rock. -> -> ->

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