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tattoos people got after reading my book

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Nirvana The True Story (Russia)

The first features Alex Gillies (Brisbane, Australia).  Most Nirvana fans will be familiar with the quote, I’m sure. Although the song is quite clearly about sex, I always took this line to have a slightly deeper significance. Something about being able to operate undercover, aware and away from the harsh spotlight of society’s conventions. I have a lot of time and respect for Alex’s own art and music, so I feel very complimented and humbled by this account of how he came to get this tattoo.

Nirvana tattoo (Alex)

The second is from Yuriy Nastoyaschiy (Kiev, Ukraine). This one is a tad more unusual, because it’s actually one of my own quotes – written about a live performance by Nirvana at the Isle of Calf festival in Oslo, 1992. I was referring to the fact that Nirvana were up on stage, Kurt standing stock-still and oblivious to the frenzy he was inspiring, because it felt so false. The band weren’t communicating, ‘Kurtney’ was in full effect … the review is one of my favourites, but I am slightly worried about the connotations this phrase takes, lifted from context. It’s cool, though. I’m sure that – like my reading of the lyrics to ‘Teen Spirit’ above – Yuriy probably has a different take on my words to me.

Both Nirvana fans are in bands.

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