Triple J Hottest 100: Am I Hot Or Not?

Why does Australia need a tax-funded radio station that plays the same songs and bands as a commercial radio station?

 Everett True

the inaugural Collapse Board award for services to Australian independent music

To keep in line with other awards voting panels, judges will of course be voting for their sixth favourite record of 2010. Or perhaps 2009.

 Everett True

A couple of observations about the ARIA Awards 2010

Congratulations to Temper Trap, winners of Most Popular Australian Single. A single so popular that it’s won the award two whole years after it was released


Triple J Week – the week in numbers

In terms of listeners, Triple J is way down the list; figures released this week put it in seventh place in Brisbane. And yet its influence is massive.


Triple J Week – Tuesday 26 October

Day 2 of Triple J week here on Collapse Board and business as usual, with not a whole lot of difference from yesterday. Once again Australian music dominates, although the percentage is slightly down from Monday’s 50%. Less songs were played today than yesterday, 108 versus 114, mainly as a result of The Doctor being […]


Triple J Week – Monday 25 October

We Love Music, We Love New Music, We Love Australian Music.

 Andrew McMillen

An interview with Richard Kingsmill, triple j Music Director

I was in Perth last week, covering an event called One Movement For Music for its official blog, One Movement Word. It was the second year I’d blogged for the five-day event, which includes a music conference component (called MUSEXPO Asia Pacific), a three-day music festival, and nightly music showcases. In one of the most […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 195: kyü

The blurb that comes attached to the shrink-wrap with the debut album from this Sydney duo states, rather ridiculously, “10 mind-bending tracks that will change the way you listen to pop music”. Assuming, one presumes, one has never listened to any of Kate Bush’s more ethereal work, or anything associated with certain female singers from […]