Justice Tonight – Day 4: London Calling …

Can rock n roll change the world? It already has mate.

 Everett True

the editor of the NME reacts to the news PJ Harvey has become the first artist to win the Mercury Prize twice

And then we all wake up and wonder where the art of genuine protest has gone.

 Everett True

Where has the art of genuine protest gone? asks a ‘concerned’ music industry insider

Either the NME covers political bands, in which case their editor’s statement is nonsense. Or it doesn’t. In which case, their editor’s statement is meaningless.

 Everett True

Rock And Fucken Roll

Pris get it so clearly, it fucking hurts.

 Laura Crapo

The Black Lips – Arabia Mountain (Vice)

I am often asking a boyfriend to consider rocking the moustache – if only for a week.

 Wallace Wylie

No Alternative: Pitchfork and Indie Culture’s End Times

First off, we need to define alternative culture. Is it something that provides values for those who identify with it, or is it just mainstream culture decked out in thrift store apparel?


Women, Men, and Music: the XY factor (part one)

I’m sceptical of the patronising and reductive idea that men and women appreciate music in intrinsically different ways

 Everett True

Song of the day – 200: The Distractions

It’s great! Great, I tell you! None of the poignancy has been diminished by the passing years, only increased.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 26: The Adverts

Some lovely folk from the UK have just sent me the reissued second Adverts album (Cast Of Thousands) replete with bonus CD and everything. And Bangs alive, it sounds incredible: articulate, melodic, sarcastic, nasty, challenging, full of fire and vigour and saliva and that killer drum sound. Way too smart for its good, of course. […]