Everett True

Song of the day – 425: Royal Headache

Damn. This music is so fine. One minute 30. Why do you need more?

 Tom Randall

Marnie Stern @ GoodGod, Sydney 06.10.11

All that synapse melting noise and intricacy.

 Tom Randall

Songs @ Tone, Sydney, 08.09.11

The wang bar on Max’s big fucking orange Gretsch got a good going over.


Australian Idolatory – the growth and growth of Hillsong

Australian Idolatory – the growth and growth of Hillsong

Swap the bible for an iPad and he could have passed for Steve Jobs unveiling his vision for the exciting next phase of the company.

 Tom Randall

Times New Viking @ Tone, Sydney, 25.08.11

The crowd watched attentively, on the precipice of joyous and spontaneous engagement.


Six Des Meilluers (demi – 2011)

I Love Lucy. Never just a review. Always a gorgeous, sensual, philosophical account of why music is so fucking important.

 Everett True

A biography of Ed Kuepper, written in 2000

In the early 90s, a select band of music critics at Melody Maker would regularly compete with one another to find fresh ways to praise the moody Australian genius.

 Bianca Valentino

Catcall – The Collapse Board Interview

by Bianca Valentino Catcall is the latest musical project from Sydney-based musician Catherine Kelleher. Kelleher first performed as frontwoman for Australian DIY punk band Kiosk in the early 00s. Upon returning home from a 2006 Kiosk US tour Kelleher had a life changing moment (which she talks about here) and after much soul searching decided […]


The Big Beat In The Heart Of The Vinyl Jungle

Jules Normington is a legend on the Australian Punk Rock Underground

 Scott Creney

Tyler, The Creator @ The Zoo, Brisbane, 05.06.11

The Zoo may be the finest venue in all of Australia. It’s called The Zoo for a reason, and not just because there’s shit all over the floor and someone just gave birth to a litter of baby elephants.