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Song of the day – 339: Boney M (and a musing on youth)

This music seemed so unreal, so glitzy and mainstream and safe when compared to the music we chose to listen to

 Everett True

the first EVER review of Jesus And Mary Chain

Will be terrible when they start to play, so catch them now.

 Everett True

Joey Ramone R.I.P. 19.05.51 – 15.04.01

I miss you, Joey.

 Everett True

what motivates me today

Capsule interview conducted on 10 March by Reinspired blog for its first-year anniversary.

 Everett True

the song I hate more than any song ever

It’s a weak, flimsy premise for a song: not thought-through, sappy, opportunistic, smug, the opposite of naive … something that this song is often called by its defenders.

 Everett True

Belle And Sebastion @ The Tivoli, 07.03.11

Speaking as a Ramones and Undertones fan, I love a bit of self-parody, me. As long as it’s done straight.

 Jean Encoule

An Oral History Of Crime

I thought, since we were called CRIME, we should feature famous criminals on our posters! First, a series of war criminals, then gangsters, then serial killers, and so on. So, I thought we should start off with Hitler…

 Everett True

Song of the day – 283: Vivian Girls (free download)

Vivian Girls are the guv’nesses, same way Ramones were once the guv’ners.

 Everett True

eight ‘classic’ bands… a rejoinder

Julian says: “Everybody’s always like, ‘Oh yeah the music used to be better in the 80s’. No it fucking didn’t.” So what current bands are as good as The Fall, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Birthday Party or Dexy’s [sic] in their prime? Not to mention Blondie, Ramones, Jonathan Richman… (This comment originated on another post. I think it’s […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 268: The Notes (free download)

The echo is sullen. The harmonies are anything but. The guitar sound is very early Creation and pure Shop Assistants