Rocket From The Tombs – The Day The Earth Met the Rocket From The Tombs/Barfly (Fire)

There is a version of ‘Satisfaction’ on here, but it’s tellingly only 19 seconds long.

 Everett True

Punk Rock song of the day – 398: Hive Dwellers

More punk than you’ll ever be, punk.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 394: Throwing Up (the best fucking biog I’ve read all day)

Who am I to argue with money?

 Everett True

Where has the art of genuine protest gone? asks a ‘concerned’ music industry insider

Either the NME covers political bands, in which case their editor’s statement is nonsense. Or it doesn’t. In which case, their editor’s statement is meaningless.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 383: Disco Zombies (free download)

City’s aflame in the summertime.

 Laura Crapo

THE ALTERNATE REVIEW: Fucked Up – David Comes To Life (Matador)

Fucked Up is the kind of band that makes me wish I were in their band.

 Everett True

Rock And Fucken Roll

Pris get it so clearly, it fucking hurts.

 Everett True

an interview with Chris Bailey (The Saints), conducted for All Times Through Paradise

Growing up in a big city, you’re tied to a scene. In the backwoods, you tend to be much more experimental.

 Bianca Valentino

Dasha Bikceem a.k.a. Designer Imposter – The Collapse Board Interview

Our first show was in somebody’s basement at their parents’ house. Their parents would let them have punk shows. I don’t even know if people do that anymore?

 Bianca Valentino

Nathan Howdeshell – The Collapse Board Interview

I don’t view music as a competition at all.