Princess Stomper

Manorexia – Dinoflagellate Blooms (Ectopic Ents)

If Dinoflagellate Blooms was a child, it would be Elphaba from Wicked

 Logan K. Young

You’re Transgressing All Over Me: Yet Another Collapse Board Manifesto

We propose that all print rags be blown up and all boring SEO lists never be read again

 Princess Stomper

Another manifesto

I am not ‘professional’; I am an evangelist.

 Princess Stomper

10 REVIEWS OF THE NEW CULTS ALBUM – 4: the bad review (U.K.)

It’s like a bag of those fun-sized Mars bars: nice to dip into, but a bit much if you try to wolf the lot in one go.

 Princess Stomper

Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (4AD)

Those obliterating rhythms smash their way into your skull and pummel your brain until you have no choice but to comply: you will love this album.

 Princess Stomper

Music: reviewed in cats

I will now re-review some of my favourite recordings through the medium of cats.

 Princess Stomper

Line-ups that make (or break) the band

Sometimes every member makes (or breaks) the band.

 Everett True

10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 11.04.11 – 18.04.11

Female writers represent! For the first time since I started these charts, there are as many female writers featured as male.

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