Everett True

a mini-rant about a Stereogum ‘news’ story about Grimes

Some of the most impressively bad writing about Grimes the internet has yet produced.

 Everett True

PhD research: Neil Kulkarni on the role of the music critic | ESSENTIAL READING

The ability not just to make words stick to a page/screen but give them a sense of life, make them walk and talk with your own spirit – s’tricky and the best music critics have always done it.

 Everett True

PhD research issue #3. You write to make an impact: A tribute to Steven Wells (re-post)

Engage, argue, inform, irritate … but above all entertain.

 Everett True

PhD research issue #2. The role of the music critic

I regard a critic as someone who values curiosity over cultural complacency, and knows how to enable this as a practice in others

 Scott Creney

n+1 Publishes an Interesting Article About Pitchfork | Collapse Board Publishes a Response

While Pitchfork may be invaluable as an archive, it is worse than useless as a forum for insight and argument

 Everett True

(Two!) classic quotes from the Australian mainstream press – 2: PJ Harvey

Fuck’s sake. How low can Australian music criticism go?

 Everett True

The 21 Inviolate Rules of Music Criticism (2012 version)

Music critics are NOT fucking cool – never have been, never will be

 Everett True

Why. Music. Criticism. Still. Matters. (So. Go. Fuck. Yourselves. Spin Magazine.)

The next logical step for Spin Magazine would be to stop listening to music altogether. It’s such a fucking pain in the ass.

 Everett True

Music journalism is the new boring | a response

Never before has there been a greater opportunity for music journalists to be tastemakers and discoverers of exciting talent. Never before has that opportunity been so resolutely rejected.

 Everett True

Everett True reacts to the news that Bon Iver is Pitchfork’s Number One album of 2011


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