Everett True

A D.I.Y. music review (Song of the Day – 397: New War)

The best entry wins the new Stephen Malkmus album … or something good, if they’d rather.

 Everett True

Sometimes, I think this is the greatest song ever recorded (Song of the day – 386: Toussaint McCall)

Sometimes, I think this is the greatest song ever recorded. And then I hear this.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 382: Pop Singles (free downloads)

This is just great shy pop music.

 Bianca Valentino

Celeste Potter of Ouch My Face — The Collapse Board Interview

I don’t think any of my guitar solos are any of the right notes or anything.

 Carmen Juarez

an interview with Joel Stern

I don’t buy that whole kind of “Brisbane is shitty” thing. At the level of underground activity, I’m really positive about this place.

 Scott Creney

Tyler, The Creator @ The Zoo, Brisbane, 05.06.11

The Zoo may be the finest venue in all of Australia. It’s called The Zoo for a reason, and not just because there’s shit all over the floor and someone just gave birth to a litter of baby elephants.


IN WORDS: Boomgates + Super Wild Horses + Per Purpose @ Woodland 07.05.11

My internal douchebage disappears and are replaced by feelings of guilt, confusion and remorse as Super Wild Horses glide through their set.

 Everett True

something I was wrong about

I’m sometimes asked if I ever change my mind after a review has been published. Yes, I do. Here’s one example.


A long weekend in Melbourne

I am now over men in dress-ups and edgy makeup singing about the devil an’ shit and thanking us for coming along tonight an’ here’s a song about dead things I have crafted just for you thanks again.


AXXON tour blog, part 3

I see the manager walking across the room and my volume dissipates. When you’re one man and making the kind thick nutritious sonic slabs that AXXONN makes, it’s like having your throat cut