Beautiful Things of 2011: Scandipop goddesses

And it was mostly pop. Girls making pop. Very few of the bands I loved this year consisted of four white boys with guitars, although that template has been responsible for some fairly monumental things over the last four or five decades.


The Curious Case of The Antlers

If after six plays of a song you are left with absolutely no idea what it sounds like it has surely failed some kind of crucial test.


Tunabunny – Minima Moralia (HHBTM)

Wrongness is an underrated virtue. Tunabunny revel in wrongness with all the grubby enthusiasm of a puppy rolling in mud and, puppylike, they come up bouncing.


Slow Club @ The Audio, Brighton, 29.09.11

Fuck the acoustic guitars and bring on the noise!

 Everett True

These people are the enemy

…willing sheep whose idea of a great review is one where they got free entry AND free drinks…


Response from a Disgruntled Gotye fan

And that’s the best thing art can do; start a conversation.


Letter to a Disgruntled Gotye Fan

We’re not running workshops for the mediocre musician here.


Six Des Meilluers (demi – 2011)

I Love Lucy. Never just a review. Always a gorgeous, sensual, philosophical account of why music is so fucking important.

 Princess Stomper

Why Everett True is wrong

The worst character in fiction is Twilight’s Bella: a canvas of nothingness onto which the empty project their shallow desires.


Top 6 of 2011 (The story so far)

This record is just waiting to be gobbled up.