Everett True

attempted clarification on the triple j ‘sexism’ blog entry

Is there anyone out there brave enough to stand up and admit something’s wrong – and do something about it?

 Everett True

sexism etc – triple j and the hottest 100

Shouldn’t the triple j slogan be “We love music (made by men)”?


An Incomplete Visual History of Short Trousers in Popular Music

Shorts have always been a little difficult to pull off.

 Princess Stomper

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Make A Scene (EBGB’s)

The songwriting is outstanding: it’s like The Human League’s greatest hits in one song.

 Bianca Valentino

The 12 Worst Questions Asked by Australian Media at Snoop Dogg’s Only Australian Press Conference

Would you rather lick Vegemite off a dingo’s nose or eat kangaroo testicles?

 Princess Stomper

Princess Stomper deconstructs the Art of the Pop Song

The rhythms are hugely complex in how they build up and break down. It’s these wave-like swells and drops that dictate how your body is going to move on the dancefloor. For the brainless dancefloor filler, structure is everything.