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REVIEWED IN PICTURES: Gotye – Making Mirrors (Samples ‘n’ Seconds)

By Everett True    


Advice for Everett True on How to Write About Nevermind

Advice for Everett True on How to Write About Nevermind

Right now, kids are singing ‘Teen Spirit’ in school chorus, and thinking that Miley Cyrus wrote it

 Princess Stomper

Producers that make (or break) the band

Band-members are like the ingredients of a cake: get it wrong, and the result is bland or sickly.

 Everett True

Pop music vs the ‘classic’ Australian Top 10

Pop music that shits all over the tired, tepid male rock posturing of the other nine videos from a wonderfully giddy height.


Yelle – Safari Disco Club (Barclay)

A scuzzy disco grind, a glorious hark back to the 70s and a breathy French chorus to sing along to

 Scott Creney

The Wussification of Indie Rock (it’s all Pavement’s fault)

A band like Arcade Fire has a hell of a lot more in common with Katy Perry than it does with Daniel Johnston.

 Everett True

more on Washington

I wrote a review of the new Washington album for The Vine. You can find it here. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Washington I Believe You Liar (Universal Music) Australia. You worry me sometimes. I’ve seen this album hailed as 2010’s saviour of pop. (This is what happens when you allow fucking radio presenters to moonlight as music critics, […]