Mark Lanegan live @ The Zoo, 06.07.10

As much as I really like Mark Lanegan, and all the music he’s been involved with, he’s not an easy subject to photograph, preferring to perform in extreme darkness with his eyes tightly shut. The cause isn’t helped tonight by being at The Zoo, which doesn’t have a photo pit and choosing the wrong side […]


Teenage Wolves live @ Young Bloods #1, The Legion Club, 02.07.10

I popped into Young Bloods #1 at The Legion Club on Friday night to check out the headline act, Teenage Wolves, as I’d been hearing good thing about them, even though they’ve only been around since the end of last year and have only played a handful of gigs. I’d never been to The Legion […]


I Used To Skate Once 6 live @ The Zoo, 24.06.10

With the best part of 90 minutes to kill before Hope Sandoval is due to start her set at The Tivoli, I Used To Skate Once 6 down the road at The Zoo means that I have something to do whilst I wait. Although previous years’ events have always been in my diary, this is […]


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions live @ The Tivoli, 24.06.10

One thing I often wonder about the move away from music as a physical product to a digital one is whether the same emotional attachment is there as it was for the older generation. It’s just not the ritualistic nature that used to exist – buying the album, looking at the photos on the inlay […]


Tumbleweed + The Meanies + Hytest live @ The Hi-Fi, 02.05.10

Since moving to Australia, I’d heard a lot about Tumbleweed, mostly via the Time Off Message Board, all of it glowing in its praise of the band; they’ve been talked about as the main Australian band from the 1990s that missed out on becoming massive. Although I’d checked out a few songs on YouTube and […]

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