Everett True

Song of the day – 79: Hive Dwellers (Calvin Johnson)

Calvin Johnson! He’s back! Well, this is a cause for celebration, no mistake. So let’s celebrate! The world’s grooviest dancer this side of me, Jonathan Richman and Nikki McLure. One of the greatest things about living in Seattle was being able to watch Calvin strut his stuff on stage on a regular basis. As Toby […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 13: Everybody Was In The French Resistance… Now!

Oh, this is just wonderful, pure el Records – Bad Dream Fancy Dress, Louis Phillippe, Songs For The Jet Set. My six-year-old laptop is freezing every few seconds, the music is crackly and distorted, but I just had to play this album twice through this morning. This particular song features members of Art Brut and […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 4: The Lovely Eggs

It’s like listening to The Vaselines being interpreted by The Bobby McGee’s interpreting Moldy Peaches while severely under the influence of snakebite. It’s like being exposed to five generations of art students pretending they’re still seven years old and that’s it’s still really amusing to say ‘poo’. It’s like a musical enema. It’s like hearing […]