Edward Guglielmino’s Guide to… 30 ways to make your band underground

He’s thin, he’s skinny, he’s deeply misunderstood and he’s writing for Collapse Board! Here is the first in the series from Brisbane’s answer to the bell-bottomed, loose-limbed, devil-may-croon swagger of Dave Graney on How To Make It In The Music Business And Still Annoy The Fuck Out Of Everyone Who Matters 1. Get your band […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 75: Edward Guglielmino

I’m declaring a prior interest here. The fact remains, however, that this is a nice cover of a Thin Kids song by one of the Thin Kids that isn’t me. Ed is a fascinating character: vulnerable and against-the-grain and possessed of an inner belief that has nothing to do with peers. His mother really ought […]

 Everett True

The Cribs live @ The Zoo, 16.02.10

I was on my way into QUT this morning, a little tired and a little cranky: sleep deprivation is a powerful anti-intoxicant. I was listening to The Unthanks, stuck at Normanby bus station for a little too long. (‘The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw’ is the one I’d recommend for today.) And they inspired me to write […]