Everett True

Buzzcocks – A Different Compilation (Cooking Vinyl)

Just how hard do you reckon it’d be to put together an incredible Buzzcocks compilation?

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Sheila Ki Jawani

Do you like fire? Chandeliers? Waking up from a nap to a dozen men in your bed wearing MC hammer pants thrusting their pelvises at your face?

 Everett True

Song of the day – 369: Micachu And The Shapes and The London Sinfonietta

Just been reminded of this. Bangs alive! How could I have been so amiss. Read the review first, if you want. It’s great, plus it’s kind of there for that purpose. Then come back over here and we’ll have a little chat.


THE UK REVIEW Kellies – Las Kellies (Fire)

If you can’t dance naked but for a top hat to an awesome Argentinian post-punk girl trio in your own living room, where the hell can you do it?

 Scott Creney

Various – Rave On Buddy Holly (Hear Music)

Dignity is just an obstacle that keeps you from reaching your full commercial potential.

 Everett True

quite honestly, the worst fucking thing I’ve seen this year (Courtney Love in Venice)

They’re laughing at you Courtney, not with you. They’re laughing at you.