Over the last few days, half of England burned. The other half talked witless bollocks about it.

Truth dies when news stories are reduced to binaries: good, evil, black, white, them, us. Difficult concepts are dumbed down into sound bites. We click ‘like’ and make a cup of tea.


Handsome Furs — Sound Kapital (Sub Pop)

Oh, shit, I’m sorry man, my mouth tends to run a bit when I’ve been drinking.

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Piya Tu Ab To Asja

I for one would go to a lot more nightclubs if they featured giant, rooftop bird cages complete with a slide.

 Everett True

Why Everett True Is Right / Why Everett True Is Wrong … Everett True responds + 5 extraordinary songs

In that very same article, I lay trails to SEVEN other bands and musicians – all female – who No Mas Bodas remind me of

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: O, Mama

There’s really nothing hotter and than an Indian man in a long blonde wig. It is not at all ridiculous.

 Everett True

Whatever happened to THIS Pavement?

I like the comment on YouTube on the first video that says, “I liked the part where Malkmus didn’t give a single fuck AT ALL”.

 Princess Stomper

Why Everett True is right

Why Aren’t There More Kate Bushes?


Memory Tapes – Player Piano (Carpark)

In the immortal words of that shit film, “He’s just not that into you”.

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Pyar Do Pyar Lo

What on earth is going on in this den of S&M filth?

 Tom Randall

6 (and a bit) favourite musical encounters from the first half of 2011, around which the miscellany of life lies

Most are gigs. Music lives in open air.