Dane Wilson

First Aid Kit live @ The Spiegeltent, 10.09.10

Feeling compelled to adopt a clumsy German accent for the duration of your stay is only part of the Spiegeltent’s appeal. The most important part is the shows inside, like those of Sweden’s precocious Söderberg sisters, otherwise known as First Aid Kit. Klara and Johanna’s profile took off in 2008 with a cover of Fleet […]

 Jodi Biddle

Paul Dempsey live @ The Spiegeltent, 07.09.10

It’s a shame The Spiegeltent is only a temporary construction because it’s one of the best Brisbane venues I’ve ever been to. I’m here for The 7:00 Show With Paul Dempsey tonight, and I’ve once again landed myself a comfy booth with a perfect view of proceedings. The area’s actually pretty small so I can’t […]


Dan Kelly’s Technocolour Dreamtent, 09.09.10

I love a rock show held at a sensible hour. Tonight it’s Melbourne’s Dan Kelly launching his new album Dan Kelly’s Dream in the Spiegeltent in the city square – proceedings kicking off at 7pm sharp. The Spiegeltent is a traveling event/tent/thing that goes from city to city all year round showcasing all sorts of […]


Fabulous Diamonds + Guy Blackman + Surf City + Crayon Fields + High Places @ Frankly! Pop Festival 2010

Still feeling messed up from the night before, I stagger through Brisbane’s public transport system half-dead trying to make it to the Brisbane Powerhouse in time to see Fabulous Diamonds play at 1:30pm SHARP (this is a very professional event). I arrive just as they start and someone remarks to me about the cold atmosphere of […]


Frankly Festival 2010 @ The Brisbane Powerhouse, 04.09.10

Frankly Festival 2010 at The Brisbane Powerhouse featuring Xiu Xiu, High Places, Crayon Fields, Surf City, Guy Blackman and Fabulous Diamonds