Everett True

Song of the day – 217: Cobirds Unite

“It’s Rachel,” writes – er – Rachel. “Everett, I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s raining here. It fucking is.”

 Everett True

Song of the day – 213: La Mômo

Worthing’s answer to the delicate, frayed English pop of Robert Wyatt – only shaken up and down, given a good stomping and bashed about gleefully

 Everett True

Back when I was a working critic, part two

I’m trying to avoid working here, so here’s another excerpt. Taken from 2001, I believe. FRIDAY AUGUST 17 2001 Clever, friendly and articulate, I notice I have no memory of the events that transpired more than three days hence. The sun beats down upon a town of ingrates and foreign students, each more desperate than […]

 Everett True

Back when I was a working critic, part one

(Excerpted from my 2001 journal, posted at the Tangents archives.) Saturday July 8 … so I’m stuck high up in the rafters at Dublin’s Lansdowne Road international football ground, freezing my fucking fingers off, chatting to Dave Simpson about the stupidity of editors and the rise and rise of PRs in the music business industry […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 54: The Moonbears

It’s very 1975, like I imagine Todd Rundgren to sound but I bet he doesn’t. I don’t know why I don’t find this more surprising. Should I? Any mention of The Moonbears always brings back memories of a memorable evening in Brighton – at my adopted local, the Prince Albert – where they showed up […]

 Everett True

Elvis Costello live @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 18.10.09

So my shamelessness paid off. Hell. I was trying to remember during the show how many times I’ve seen Elvis Costello perform before. Once, in LA at the Hollywood Bowl (around ’98) where myself and the PR were shamelessly drunk and singing along bawdily to him and Burt Bacharach (on piano) as they ploughed their […]

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