Mike Turner

22 of Mike Turner’s Favorite Songs of 2012 So Far

I mainly checked this band out due to Pitchfork not being into them.


22 (perhaps more) of Neil Kulkarni’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore. Suits me fine. Don’t know how to dress in summer so I’m hiding out in my jimjams playing with my 7”s like a teenage wank-addict.

 Scott Creney

22 of Scott Creney’s favorite songs of 2012 so far

It wouldn’t be Collapse Board without a little shambling boy-girl indiepop, now would it?

 Princess Stomper

22 of Princess Stomper’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

This song is more infectious than Jeff Goldblum’s laptop in Independence Day

 Everett True

10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 18.06.12 – 26.06.12

Some folk may contend she’s been hanging out with the wrong people recently. Not from where I’m sitting.

 Everett True

22 of Everett True’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

A little early, perhaps … but there’s always so much great music around the difficulty is documenting it all, giving it a fair shake. DISCLAIMER 1 This is a random list – influenced by the heat today, and the lecture I just gave in Creative Writing, and the fact my PhD thesis continues to loom, […]