Everett True

Spotlight – 43: Anna Calvi

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As a Newsweek article about the Internet had it, back in 1995, “When most everyone shouts, few listen”. So I choose to longer shout, but instead link.

I like to think of what I do here as part of a sorting process. Somewhere along the line I have hopefully built up a relationship with my audience so that they are at – the least – intrigued by my taste, and might click on the offered links.

This one reminds me of an old David Lynch segment. I’m not sure of anything beyond that. I just wanted to throw it in here because I thought that you too might be intrigued. A female guitarist from London who likes to twang her guitar, and reinvent the old standards in a way that suits her best (stylishly). She likes to dress up too. These are the sort of people who’d sneer at me in the street when I was young – and still do, especially now I’m old – and yet: I love them all the more for that, because they have standards and their standards are higher than wallpaper.

Their standards are fiercer than a car’s nighttime gleam. Their standards are full of intrigue and surfing magazines and interior decoration you never believe exists outside Weegee photographs. Their standards hold true.

Here she is.