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Spotlight – 37: The Unthanks

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I’m usually extremely cynical about this sort of music, these arrangements, these voices. I mean, for starters, this is way too Jools Holland territory for me.

There again, the amount of music that boogie-woogie man features on his BBC show – designer coffee-table or not – he has to get it right occasionally. Law of averages, or something. As must The Guardian, Uncut, Elvis Costello and the general self-satisfied smug “left-of-centre” mainstream. This is just the right side of understated (even if it does come across as too mannered and self-knowing on occasion) and reminds me of The Roches… if only The Unthanks would loosen up a fraction.

And anything that reminds me of The Roches MUST be a good thing.

Here”s the video I was enjoying.

And here’s their MySpace page.

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