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SOTD #726 – Foxtales

SOTD #726 – Foxtales
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Sometimes you find yourself in this weird place where you are looking for stuff but stuff finds you. I’m not a writer, and yet somehow I’m on a bunch of press lists. Like an insane amount of press lists. I have 30,000+ unread emails in that inbox, but then I’ll check that email and something happens and the voice in my head says ‘ehhhh, just open one of them and see what you think.’

I open this PR pitch for Foxtales and I’m like, ‘this is not the kinda stuff I write about at all. I don’t have a background writing about folk music…’ So then why not write about it? I’m not knowledgeable about lots of folk music, but I’ll describe this Manchester UK psychedelic folk band the best way that I can: plonky stringed instruments minus any distortion, a loud kick drum you can feel every beat of, and a chorus of female voices which brings to mind at first the Indigo Girls which leads to Voice of the Beehive, which then leads to what I’d imagine an acoustic version of Sidi Bou Said to sound like. I then find myself wanting to listen to Trio (not the German minimalist new-wavers, but the Nashville supergroup of Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Rondstadt). Needless to say a few clicks led to a bunch of YouTube searches, and my Saturday morning was not at all what I had planned.

So thanks, Foxtales, for leading me down a rabbit hole of video roulette and a playlist I’d never have imagined making prior to this.

Foxtales’ self-titled debut EP emerges somewhere on the internet June 10th. If you fancy, watch the video here.

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