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SOTD #699: Seconds

SOTD #699: Seconds
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Can I throw myself at you? Where can I buy the magazines with your lovely selves pouting on the covers, with the juicy tell-all interviews inside? How else can I devour you?

Seconds, they call themselves. Not the unit of time, but as in the serving after the first. That’s what I think, anyway, because that’s what I want. More Seconds. More cotton candy on roller coasters; more barbed wire guitars spiraling round the pristine girl group melodies; more perky ? and the Mysterians synths; more of those too cool chicks singing like they own this joint. And definitely more hand claps!

I don’t know what’s better: how “Part of a Cult” turns occult membership into a crazy, Undertones-meets-Shangri-Las dance party; or the deafening heft of the menacing slasher flick “Break Hole”. Or is it “Bang to Rights”, the best Horrors track that the Horrors can no longer write cos they’re all serious shoegazers now

What I love the MOSTEST about Seconds is how WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’M they are, how they could hop and bop with ya and slit yr throat when they’re done. How HUGE they sound. Indomitable. Untouchable. And yet so anachronistic – I’m tryin to line up all the heavyweights in my mind, and yet which one has that same faint bygone glamor, the same shuddering drums, the same twisty turns? Am I deficient, or they that good? (Actually, don’t answer that.)

There’s some other band called Joya on the other side of this split LP, but they don’t exist right now.

More Seconds, please.

The Joya / Seconds split drops August 1st on Soft Power Records, which you can pre-order here.

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