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Song of the day – 88: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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To celebrate the fact there’s a new compilation featuring this overblown, over-hyped, New York rich kids plaything of a band, I thought I’d post a video of their one good song. (They have another good song, but don’t play a particularly good version of it. And it wasn’t even written by them.)

Yes, you’re quite correct. I do not like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Last time I caught them playing live, in Brighton a few years ago, I walked out after 30 seconds. Most the bands Jon Spencer has been in before and since – particularly Pussy Galore (of course), but also Boss Hog and those sweet-edged rockabilly cats Heavy Trash – are way, way superior.

Still. What the hell. This is still a great song: the fact its formula was repeated dozens of times by the Blues Explosion – and other bands – does not subtract from that.

Fuck it. I’m tempted to post the Pussy Galore ‘Dick Johnson’ video here and be done with it. But no. Let’s stick with the plan.

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