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Song of the day – 584: Fully Cooked

Song of the day – 584: Fully Cooked
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In music, as in writing, brevity is a virtue. This song is 27 seconds long and it does more in 27 seconds than most bands manage in 27 years.

There’s a free album here. Nine songs, 4.4 minutes. Offensive, brash, FUN. Noisy fuck yeah. One song runs to an almost moribund 54 seconds, but I haven’t listened to that one on principle. Just savour the song titles. ‘Kids Of Cunts’.  ‘Old Lady’s Box’. ‘Dickhead’.

…fucking album’s finished before I’ve even had a chance to write about it! And it finishes at it starts. With a simulated orgasm.

Damn. Fully Cooked. “Chick-fronted punk rock” from Melbourne. Don’t blink. Don’t ever fucking blink. Imagine the fucken live show! Record label here.

Thanks to Shaun Tenzenmen for the tip.

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