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 Everett True

Song of the day – 534: Manors

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avebury manor + stone circle

Received the following Tweet yesterday:

“Get on your knees, boy/And be my man.” http://manors.bandcamp.com/. everetttrue you might like this.

Yes. Yes I do. An awful lot. These three songs might be three of the greatest awkward pop songs I’ve ever heard. I want to listen to them on repeat, over and over again, same way I once wanted to listen to Vampire On Titus, Beach Party, Palomine, The Groceries… so ramshackle and cuddly and spiky and GREAT.

And now you know exactly as much as I do, aside from these three words:

  • girlpop
  • indie pop
  • Brooklyn

So ssh. Don’t tell anyone. They can be our personal secret pop crush. I don’t think they exist anymore, anyway.

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