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Song of the day – 480: Easy Lover

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Kali Holloway - Easy Lover

She’s got that whole Katie Stelmanis thing going on. You know. Intensity of emotion. Incoming inclement weather. Everything painted with MASSIVE sweeps of the brush. Not a pause for breath because the pauses for breath are part of the music itself. Terrifying, really. (I could be entirely missing the point here, I can’t deny: maybe she has that whole Lana Del Rey thing going on. Maybe that’s a better reference in 2012. MTV Buzz has her down on Twitter as “gauzy and beautiful”. And I really don’t want to deny such a respected source. She really ought to cover her tracks better, if that’s the case.)

Doers any of the above even matter? Fuck authenticity. Fuck the notion that because someone might have listened to someone else it lessens the value of what they’re creating. Even at the quietest of volumes ‘End Of The Season’ sounds way too loud in my tender, sleepless ears.

Kali Holloway, the singer behind this, used to be in a Mod-flecked band I liked – The Affair. But to compare them to what she sounds like now would be like contrasting The Like with EMA. Sure, you can do it. Seems a little meaningless, though. The reason I enjoyed The Affair was because they reminded me of my brief infatuation with ’78 femme-led band The Photos: and the reason I like Easy Lover is… um… anything but. We’ll forgive them the fact they’re named after a Phil Collins song although I suspect that that knowledge will preclude me and her from ever being arm-wrestling buddies.

So. Yeah. Whatever. Great sound. Great singiing. Great song.

Still makes me want to have knife sex.

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