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Song of the day – 412: Songs For Moms

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Songs For Moms

Day three in our Secret Punk and Basement Pop series. (Part one here, part two here.)

The inspirational Songs For Moms lose themselves in the moment and burst loose, driving forward.

That’s what it says here. See no reason to contradict myself even now, especially as I don’t really understand what I was talking about. The quote is a reference to ‘These Songs That I’m Singing’ by Songs For Moms from the SP/BP mix-tape. I think it’s a reference to the fact the song starts slowly, and continues onward at a somewhat more raucous pace. It might be a reference to the upbeat Celtic swing and driven guitars, the militaristic drum beat and slightly deprecating lyrics describing what’s going on around them as they play. It might not be. I was just trying to capture an energy, a feeling. Songs For Moms were instrumental in setting up one of these, and damn. That’s great, right?  And even if you don’t consider it great (you loser) then surely you can lose yourself in the moment and swing wildly from side to side. An all-female Bay Area trio, it says on YouTube – my main source for misinformation – and I see nothing to contradict this either.  It’s all about creating a sense of community. Once we had Christian youth clubs whether we liked it or not. Now we have this.

I know which the fuck I prefer.

Just fine.

Here’s the link to the mix-tape. You can download it for free by clicking in the top left hand corner of the screen, where it says “tracks”.

Here’s what Street Eaters have to say about them:

Songs For Moms are from right here in Oakland but spend about as much time on the road or in Olympia, WA as they do here except during Girls Rock Camp in the summer – then, they are here full-time and devoted to teaching very young ladies to learn the rudiments of starting their own bands. We have played with them many times and they are brilliant every time, deftly mining a difficult-to-ply middle ground between blistering queer lady punk, pretty + sad indie pop, and a musical virtuosity that almost borders on progressive rock. Their records are great, too.

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