Everett True

Song of the day – 409: Alabama Shakes

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Damn. Just an incredible voice, a great band and a killer series of performances.

She really feels the songs, reaches down deep inside, lives every moment. All the band need to do is know when the fuck to shut up and when the fuck to let go. And they do. I really don’t believe you need more information than that. Listen to her voice: you will either be blown away or you’ll be one of those sorts who believe that emotion is unbecoming on a lady and that perhaps your time would be better spent listening to the sound of a banana being unpeeled. Why hark back to the past when there’s something so vibrant, so living, so right on, so bluesy, so vivid?

I wanna be in the same room as this band, this lady, when they do their thang. I really do.

Here’s the Facebook.

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