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Song of the day – 355: Sex Beet

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It’s late. I’m exhausted. I’ve been posting Cults reviews all afternoon and evening. 

And no one’s reading them.

Here’s what a random play on my iTunes library threw up. It’s not half bad actually: traces of Brisbane’s own Velociraptor (that’ll be the distorted guitars and devil-may-care inebriated swagger of the vocals then), someone who loves surf music and doesn’t give a shit who knows it (Brisbane’s own Velociraptor then), The Polecats, The Stray Cats, anyone who ever half-inched a Farfisa organ from Cash Converters, Jon my old salad tosser of a mucker back in Brighton, and a whole serenade of boys who think it’s both smart and fun to fuck around with old beach party movie footage. (It is! It is!) Yeah sure. You can say Man Or Astroman? And I can say ? And The Mysterians. But really we’re both rockin’ on the same page, with not a poodle or Mike Meadows in sight.

Wicked great.

I have no idea what this was doing in my iTunes library but I sure am glad I pressed ‘random play’ tonight.

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