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Song of the day – 271: Ruth

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A tip from former Plan B editor Louis Pattison: “It’s old and reissued, but I think you’d like the Ruth album that Angular just put out, ET”.

He ain’t just whistling Dixie, you know! This is a delight. French coldwave/synth-pop from 1985 that once again gives the lie to the fact the English-speaking countries had the monopoly on the most interesting music: quite reminiscent of a few of Ruth’s Teutonic cousins, with a richly refined and sardonic bent, and a few of their French contemporaries too. I mean, it’s quite Gallic. Love the stilted male vocal and the warm sweeps of synthetic, synthesized melody and looped beats and vaguely surprised female vocal. Ruth were the brainchild of graphic artist Thierry Müller – one images he heard Kraftwerk and Can somewhere along the line – and were initially a solo project, branching out to allow further glitches and glitter. Tell you what, instead of badly rephrasing the press release, why don’t you just go to the Angular Recording site and read it for yourselves?

A little reminiscent of current-day Japanese deadpan experimentalists Miu Mau as well.

Oh, and here’s a link to a fine Quietus article/interview with Ruth by the man Louis himself.

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