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Song of the day – 259: Unnatural Helpers

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The name of the album is Cracked Love & Other Drugs. The name of the band is Unnatural Helpers.

The name of the city is Seattle… and if I throw in a reference point that is in the vicinity of Mudhoney then I am, I suspect, showing my age more than being accurate in pinning down this band’s sweet, sweet, nasty sound. (I think more years have passed between ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ and 2010 than between Green River and ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ – and back then that seemed like aeons.) Whatever. ‘She Was Your Girlfriend’ is a killer slice of garage punk. Punk garage. Garage that refuses to punk out. Whatever. Fucking sweet use of dynamics and feedback and a drummer who drools nastiness in his sleep.

This could be Detroit 1997. This could be Seattle 1987. This could be Brisbane 1974. It’s not. It’s Seattle 2010, and Unnatural Helpers fucking KICK ASS. Yours, if you let them.

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