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Song of the day – 252: The Konki Duet

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The Konki Duet, from France. A little bit refined. A little bit Stereolab. A little bit noisy and excited. A little bit of poise and mischief.Recalls Electrelane, in places. Recalls summer evening heat, not stifling. Violins. Electronics. Splatter paint art. Elegant yet awkward. Playful. Trance-like. Would I be right in throwing in the name Anna Calvi somewhere? Probably not. Oh well. Sometimes they “wear stupid glasses on stage”.  Nice. Almost every photograph I’ve seen of them features them smiling or being gently silly, and that seems indicative of something or other. From the website: “The Konki Duet is three girls from Tokyo, St Petersburg and Paris: Kumi (crazy curl), Tam, and Zoe (my own). They like to play bitter-sweet ritournelles with electric, electronic and acoustic instruments. They also like to eat chocolate, drink champagne, watch tv and they enjoy sex with friends.”

I don’t know what a ritournelle is, but I want one. Now!*

I discovered The Konki Duet via this, which is why I love running blog posts like this so much.

*Oh wait. I’ve just discovered it means ‘singing’ or ‘song’, sometimes disparagingly. Well, that doesn’t stop me from wanting it!

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