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Song of the day – 160: Frankie Rose And The Outs

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The exact point where Dum Dum Girls meet Vivian Girls… which is barely surprising as Frankie Rose has drummed with both, and for Crystal Stilts as well. If this makes it sound like I’m only begrudgingly recommending this group to you because I think I ought to, think again Methuselah, think again.

Those reverb-saturated harmonies! Bangs alive. It’s like capturing the Shop Assistants just as they were falling asleep… actually, it’s nothing like that (they used to sleep on my floor whenever they came down to London, and a more raucous bunch of reprobate children I never had). Whatever. I’m just trying to give you a sense of mood.

Here’s the MySpace.

And here’s a link to my new Something Awful column, which is all about creating the perfect summer femme-pop mix-tape.

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