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Song of the day – 154: Winston Echo

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Winston Echo. He makes Daniel Johnston sound like Daniel Johnston.

He makes Clive Pig sound like Clive Pig. He makes Lesbo Pig sound like Lesbo Pig. (See what I did there?) He makes Ivor Cutler sound indubitably like Ivor Cutler. And so on. He doesn’t like folk making jokes along the lines of “Is there an Echo in here” when he plays live. He’s an unwanted pip. He believes in the magic of whistling, and in the magic of Jad Fair. He sent me a bunch of his new lonesome songs – which you can find over here – but when I went to link to one of them, I was entirely distracted by this old homemade animation on YouTube (which makes Dan Luscombe look like Dan Luscombe, for all you Mess And Noise fans). So here it is.

Winston Echo. He once interned for me, you know.

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