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Song of the day – 136: Lido Pimienta

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This is a tip-off from my pal Chuck, over at ace obscurist US reissue label Messthetics.

Columbian psychedelic pop, he calls it. I’m not sure I see so much evidence of the psychedelic – she has herself down as ‘2-step/acousmatic/tape music/melodramatic popular song’, which seems to cover a handful of the bases. I don’t know. It’s ravishing. Chuck linked me to a video of Lido singing with looped accompaniment like Mr David Thomas Broughton underneath a very windy bridge, which you can watch here.

And he also linked me to this, a more rounded offering – I suppose it’s dance music, but not dance music like Lady Gaga or The Pipettes would have it. The EP’s called ‘Color’ and the music sure is colourful. Oh wait, this video is much more recognisably dance-orientated, with some smart post-Bristol beats and throaty brass backing up the rapid change of costumes and semi-aerobic, clumsy dance moves. Very sweet: I can even forgive her for wearing her tights as trousers. I’m reminded of New Age Steppers somewhere along the line.

The song is called ‘Mueve’, and it’s really grown on me.

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