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Song of the day – 132: GO!GO!7188

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I’ve been obsessing over this Japanese group the last few days.

They’re prolific, for sure. They appear to have no cut-off point. Masses of albums, singles and live albums released over the last decade attest to this. They straddle genres – noisy, for the most part: rock – with an alarming lack of embarrassment. It’s like that explosion of a reference of female-led punk I linked to a few months back, only with GO!GO!7188 taking up the entire side of a mix-tape by themselves. Sometimes, they’ll turn in a set of covers that reminds me wonderfully of my ancient Scots trash sweethearts The Rezillos. Others, they’ll be like an appallingly bad, radio-friendly version of Brisbane’s own I Heart Hiroshima or Skunk Anansie or someone (if only for the ridiculously high vocals). Others, they’re verging on Ecstatic Peace territory.

And then they’ll turn in something like this…

Bangs alive.

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