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Song of the day – 241: Eux Autres

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Eux Autres. From Portland, Oregan. With a Janet Weiss connection (she co-produced an album). Smart, infectious, jangly pop. The type of guitar sound that Mess And Noise calls limp-wristed (but not nastily), and with boy-girl vocals that (whether they know it or no) contain more than a nod or 20 to the heyday of The Field Mice. (Hey, I’m out here laying some trails for the next generation to follow. You’re perfectly at liberty to ignore them and go follow your own paths.) They’ve done a football songs, and I love football songs. They’ve had a brace of albums, and I love using the word ‘brace’. (Far better than the word ‘sophomore’, don’t you think – one of those words specifically designed for critics to use, has it ever arisen in a spoken conversation?) I’m not denying Eux Autres might be a fraction too Siddeleys for my taste, but now we’re raking over ancient coals indeed. And in the main, I’m a sucker for a limp-wristed guitar, a boy in love with the first three Field Mice EPs [note to self, strike out the words ‘The Field Mice’ and substitute ‘Belle And Sebastian’] and drums that might – or might not – once have belonged to a Shadow Morton group. Is it too late for me to take part in that Sarah Records documentary?

Damn it. They even have a Christmas song! And I love Christmas songs even more than I love football songs.

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