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Single of the week: Cosines – Hey Sailor Boy! / The Answer (Fika)

Single of the week: Cosines – Hey Sailor Boy! / The Answer (Fika)
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By Mike Turner

I’ve been on a everything-but-indiepop bender for the last few months but this little 2-tracker 7″ from London England’s Cosines has the right pomp, the right stomp, the right chomp, and now I’m a chump for their charms. ‘Hey Sailor Boy!’ the A-side (however being all nautical they call it  the port side on the single) hits top marks with 60s thrift stall soul single swing matched with Elefant records Little Orchestra string section for extra oohs and ahhs topped off with a layer of sweet factory girl smoky Smokey vocals that can only come from years of alternating between hand-rolled cigs and m&m’s.

Just as I think I have the Cosines pegged as indiepop anorak-cloaked purists chasing the mod soul croon of, say, Camera Obscura and The School, on the B-side (again with the nautical theme this side is called the starboard side) they down their hopes and dreams into a kraut cough syrup haze and warble and channel their best Stereolab with this flip side gem ‘The Answer’. Both musically and artworkly aesthetically pleasing, I can’t wait for a follow up single or full length. Hopefully they won’t waste time and will strike again shortly. (I had to fight with all my will not to use a bunch of nautical puns and such in this review.)



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