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redroomdreamers – Roosters On The Rubbish (Happy/Mopy)

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I got an email the other day asking if I wanted to review a new album by an Italian indie outfit called redroomdreamers. I didn’t know anything about redroomdreamers – even after I read their bio, because I don’t do Italian and some things get lost in translation – but I said yes regardless and I’m glad I did.

A Babelfish translation, to begin with:

The redroomdreamers they are a new Indian rock band of Naples that it will open with its first disc “Roosters on the rubbish”, in escape to October, the catalogue of the baby independent Label of campania Happy/Mopy records. Dario, guitar and voice, and Alessio, battery, have made part in years `90, with the bassista Fat Inigo, of one of the band historical of the Indians rock Neapolitan, the “Growing Ocean”. After that season the group is melted. In a 2008 new blaze it has relit the ashes that brooded, still warm, in depth and the two decide to found the redroomdreamers. Al group joins quickly from Simone, polistrumentista but in the motor plan to the low. In a year they write and they record the songs of the egg whites “Roosters on the rubbish”. The redroomdreamers nearly twenty years ago and with a background musical and cultural of reference return in track with the same overhong that remains immutato in the attitudes and the intentions, ready to say theirs, once again.

I like that after the season they’re melted. I like what that could mean. I like that there’s some Smog and a bit more Dinosaur Jr hanging between the opening song and the last refrain of Roosters On The Rubbish. I like that the first time I listened to this album I was pushing a 44″ longboard down a well-to-do Sydney street on a morning that spring had given over to the city wholeheartedly. I like that it sounded like someone on high had hand-picked the play list for just that activity.

This is how indie music started. Before it was haircuts and the tightest jeans you could starve yourself in to. Before it was veganism, homogenized Casio fills and unabashed genericism, indie music made you feel good. It was just as suited to drinking a gin fizz at 3AM as it was to drinking a beer in the sun. It was lovely. It had a bit of heart.

These guys are that sort of indie. They sound familiar while retaining their originality. They are equal parts atmosphere and melody, pulling all the elements together like twine. They’ve crested the sacred mountain, managing intimacy without drowning in self-indulgence, and they’ve produced something that sounds authentic without giving anything up in the process.

Have a listen if you want a breezy Dinosaur Jr feel to your day.

redroomdreamers are out on Happy/Mopy records, a new Italian indie label that I’m hoping keep putting out shit of this caliber.


ALBUM DROPS 29/10/2010

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