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 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 12: MV + EE, Butcher Birds, Hawnay Troof, Junior Boys

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Actually, I’m a little out of practice right now, and these reviews are running closer to 90 seconds from the moment I first listen to the music to when I type the final word but… One-minute-and-a-half reviews doesn’t really have the same ring, does it?

MV + EE – Barn Nova
Man alive, we’re cool people. We grow our hair long and drink puddles from lilies. Our guitars wail and bottleneck and chide like guitars should, and everything is backwards. Music is weird is life is weird is bliss is weird is everything. Nothing is worth hearing if it hasn’t been put through an echo chamber first. Indubitably fascinating.

Butcher Birds – Set My Bones
Man alive, we’re cool people. We’re chicks AND we know how to “play” our guitars AND we once knew someone who knew someone who knew Billy Corgan and didn’t turn a hair. Is it just us, or does all music suck post-1993? “I need to catch my breath/So then I can breathe,” they sing, filled with the wisdom of the 20-something.

Hawnay Troof – Daggers At The Moon
this this this this this this this this this this this is how you write write write write write write a song. this this this this this this this this is how you write write write write write write a song. Make sure you throw in some mid-Eastern and stupidly fast breakbeat samples. Like Mika, given a good slapping.

Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care
Anyone else think New Order were like Joy Division, minus the emotion? I didn’t actually realise Junior Boys cared about such mundanities as tunes till…um…this minute. I’m going to be using this as a defensive tool against the next person who cares to explain to me how “great” LCD Soundsystem are.

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