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OMG! The Thin Kids (LOL) to support Kate Nash in Brisbane!!

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Thursday, August 5
The Metro, Sydney

Sydney rocks.

I’m not even going to attempt to better the description of our set from the AU Review website:

So, a guy who knew Kurt Cobain and two bridezillas walk into a bar… no, really. If it seemed like some kind of joke as Everett True, controversial expatriate U.K. music critic, was shouting lyrics over what sounded like a combination of free-form jazz and a high school battle of the bands, then you were most likely right. This is The Thin Kids, True’s new imitation-of-life project featuring Holiday Sidewinder of Bridezilla playing an array of percussion, as well as her bandmate Millie Hall playing all different kinds of crazy on her saxophone.

Couple of points.

  1. Much as we might like them to be, Holiday and Millie aren’t actually in The Thin Kids – and neither is Sam Pearton (The Scare), who played thunderous drunken punk drums behind us that left very little room for subtlety from either myself or Ed so we settled for belligerent screaming and the odd scary remark instead. (Our drummer Scotty had earlier opted out of the Sydney show, declaring a distaste for the city.) I threw out all the “joke” songs, aside from ‘(You’re Not From) Queensland’ – sample lyric, “If you were from Brisbane, you would have some decent taste/Or at least a decent band to call your own”, a line that folk in Sydney found hilarious but was met with stony indifference in Melbourne. And I kept in the loud stuff. Kate had had a big night the night before, so she only played piano on one song, the one where I do a lot of swearing about my former alcohol intake. So I made sure that song extended for around eight minutes.
  2. I was indeed aiming for a cross between free-form jazz and a high school battle of the bands.

Kate’s set was stunning, incisive. I love ‘Foundations’ and the out-and-out Breeders steal of ‘I Just Love You More’ and the way she sways solid and assured in the breeze, and her self-deprecation, and the drummer’s glasses and the pushing at boundaries and…

The Thin Kids sell one CD.

Photography of The Thin Kids in Sydney: Johnny Au

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