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OMG! The Thin Kids (LOL) to support Kate Nash in Brisbane!!

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Here’s how this tour happened.

Tweeted Kate Nash, asking if she needed a support for her Splendour sideshows. I guessed that she might vaguely know who we were: her boyfriend Ryan Jarman of the NME-loved The Cribs had rather oddly named us as his favourite new band on the basis of one abortive support at Brisbane’s Zoo. That show was the Thin Kids live debut. I took the opportunity to tell a few Wolfmother jokes (Why did Andrew Stockdale cross the road? To get to the Led Zeppelin concert) and shout at a straggle of bemused punters, and Edward Guglielmino, not a man to miss an opportunity for self-aggrandisement, jumped on stage with fellow Thin Kids Scotty Regan and Maggie Collins to help me shamble through the Thin Kids theme. The local critics, if you’ll pardon my misuse of the term, didn’t like us. “An in-joke that shouldn’t have been let out,” ran one memorable line, which I quickly turned into a song.

A few months later, I was trying to gain entry to the same venue, when a security guard espied me. “Wait,” he exclaimed. “You’re that guy!” And he starts singing me a Thin Kids song … “You’re not on the guest list/YOU’RE NOT COMING IN!”

Back to Kate. A couple of weeks after the Tweet, I heard back from her management. They wanted to know if I’d like to do a phone interview. Ah well. Worth a try.

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