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Oh-Ok – The Complete Reissue (HHBTM)

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Oh-Ok - The Complete Reissue

By Scott Creney

The missing link between Young Marble Giants and Olympia, Washington, Oh-Ok is one of the finest bands to come out of Athens, Georgia — and almost certainly the most criminally obscure. Two Linda’s (one with a ‘y’) and a David (and then a different David) playing songs that walked a fine line between innocence and genius.

In 1981, Oh-OK were already creating songs of child-like wonder laced with a hint of darkness. Their music makes a perfect soundtrack for the last day of summer, the fading light of a Sunday afternoon when you still haven’t finished your homework. If The Adventures Of Pete & Pete had been about a pair of sisters, Oh-OK would have made the perfect house band. Their music contains the same blend of suburban wonder and goofy, surreal humor.

They only released two EPs during their brief career. This retrospective adds five live tracks from a show at The Peppermint Lounge, plus two newly recorded songs.

Oh-Ok’s music contains bottomless mysteries — the insects underneath the grass, the psychedelic wonders of pure sunshine, sensory overload in a shopping mall — all wrapped up in an inviting package. This is some of my favorite music ever made, and my favorite song isn’t even online for me to play for you. Just go get this album. It will make you a better person.

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