Kirin J Callinan + Los Huevos + Per Purpose live @ The Troubadour

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Actually a good crowd for a Sunday night and why not? Two of Brisbanes finest plus Kirin J Callinan. Kirin is cabaret I guess is about as good as I can describe it but with shards of guitar occasionally jammed in the underbelly.

This was close to a perfect gig.

Kirin J Callinan – Live @ The Troubadour – 22 Aug 2010

Los Huevos – Live @ The Troubadour – 22 Aug 2010

Per Purpose – Live @ The Troubadour – 22 Aug 2010

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: These recordings are intended for private enjoyment only, not for any commercial use. If anyone featured these recordings has any sort of objection to being featured thus, please contact us and we will of course immediately take the recording down.

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