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i applied for a job at triple j recently

i applied for a job at triple j recently
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I applied for a job at triple j recently.

The following video will tell you all you need to know.

No, don’t laugh. They were advertising for a music editor/writer for their Dig website, and as it seemed like the job was paying pretty fucking well and I have been known to do a bit of writing and editing and championing of new music in my time, and that triple j is supposed to be a publicly-funded body (i.e they have some semblance of accountability), I thought I’d put in for it. So I sent them off my CV – making sure I detailed the hundreds of thousands of articles I’ve edited and written over the years, not to mention all the books and websites and internationally-known magazines I’ve either written or been in charge of, the citations for my work in both in the music press and in academic publications in Australia, UK and US, and also mainland Europe (among other places), evidence as to the fact I’ve continually championed new music over the course of my 30+ years writing about music, and not forgetting to include my referees and sample articles (one from The Guardian and one from Mojo). I didn’t think I’d get the job but I figured I’d be a shoo-in for the shortlist, not least because I figured the folk at triple j to be open-minded folk, always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of their product.

I didn’t get the job.

I didn’t even get on the interview shortlist.

Instead, I got this form letter.

Dear Jeremy*

Thank you for your application for the Dig Writer/Editor role.  We received a hell of a lot of interest and the quality of submissions was extremely high.

Unfortunately you missed out on an interview this time.

Please note that due to the large volume of applications received for this position we are unable to provide individual feedback to those not shortlisted for interview.

We’ve got a bit more coming with Dig, so we hope you can keep an eye out for future opportunities.

Thanks for your application and all the best.


triple j

Fair enough. I didn’t expect to get the job. Too old, too cranky, too opinionated, too passionate about music. I’m not malleable or suggestible enough. I refuse to say that I like crap music just because it’d be good for the demographic. All of these are usually seen as minuses when it comes to music criticism in Australia. I imagine they had an applicant in mind when they wrote the selection criteria (standard job stuff).

I also got the impression they didn’t even read my application. Still. If that is the case it’s nice to know triple j don’t operate an age policy.

*My real name. And you wonder why I hate the world.

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